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Smokeless Powder

Smokeless Powder has the most comprehensive variety of reloading smokeless powders! Reloading Stock Primers has every sort of smokeless powder; whichever cartridge you’re reloading, Reloading Stock Primers has powder for it!

When reloading handgun ammunition, you’ll likely want a fast-burning powder that will provide the pressure required to send the bullet down the normally shorter handgun barrel faster than slower-burning rifle powders.

When reloading rifle ammunition, you will frequently want a slower burning powder that will provide the pressure required to send the bullet down the normally longer rifle barrel at a much slower pace than handgun powders.

Reloading Shotshell Powder: When reloading Shotshell ammunition, fast-burning powders similar to those used in handgun reloading are generally used. The faster-burning powder is often required to push the wad and shot/sabot/other projectile out the shell as rapidly as possible.

Flake Smokeless Powder: Flake powders feature a flattened, circle-shaped structure that allows for fast burning. Because flake powder burns fast, it is often used in pistol cartridges for reloading shotshells. Ideal for both new and experienced reloaders.

Extruded Stick Smokeless Powder: Extruded stick powder is distinguished by its cylindrical form, like a stick. Extruded powders provide steady burning rates, which improves precision and performance in high-velocity loads. Extruded powder is often used in rifle cartridges and powerful magnum rounds. Extruded powders are a popular option among precision shooters and long-range aficionados.

Ball Smokeless Powder: As the name implies, ball powder is a powder in the form of spherical balls that provides good metering, constant ignition, and clean-burning properties. Their adaptability makes them suitable for a broad variety of applications, from handgun loads to regular rifle calibers. Ball powder is the most affordable sort of reloading powder.

Now, let’s look at the top powder producers in the reloading component industry:

Hodgdon: A recognized brand with a long history, Hodgdon provides a wide range of smokeless powders for reloading rifle, pistol, and shotshell rounds. Hodgdon is also well-known for their yearly reloading handbook, which contains a wealth of reloading knowledge. Hodgdon smokeless powders are an excellent option for reloaders of all skill levels.

Alliant: Alliant supplies reloaders with smokeless powders for every purpose by combining innovation and knowledge. Their powders are well-known for their clean burning and great performance in a broad variety of calibers, assuring consistent results with every reloaded round.

Vihtavuori Smokeless Powder is utilized by some of the top shooters and producers in the competitive shooting field, and it has earned a good reputation as one of the best smokeless powders available. In all weathers and settings, Vihtavuori powders offer clean burning and repeatable shooting qualities.

Accurate Powders: This is a firm that lives true to its name. The smokeless powders for pistols, rifles, and shotguns are designed to optimize accuracy and performance. Accurate employs the greatest ballistic specialists and the highest quality components to ensure that Accurate Powders are better suited to each rifle.

Winchester: A well-known name in the guns business, Winchester extends its expertise to reloading components, providing a broad range of smokeless powders that provide the same performance as Winchester ammunition.

IMR powders have been a mainstay for reloaders for decades, with a concentration on uniformity and precision. Their powders are designed to provide maximum performance with little fouling, resulting in a clean shooting experience. The IMR line of powder is trusted by reloaders all over the world and is suitable for a wide range of reloading applications.

Shooters World: Known for its broad powder selection, Shooters World caters to everyone from recreational reloaders to competition shooters. Shooters World powder is probably created particularly for popular reloaded cartridges.

Ramshot: Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a newcomer to reloading, Ramshot offers smokeless powder for you.

When reloading, always use load data from a reputable reloading handbook. Failure to use safe reloading techniques might result in human harm, including death, or gun damage.


How is smokeless reloading powder different from black powder?

A contemporary propellant used in ammunition reloading is smokeless reloading powder. It creates little smoke when fired, as opposed to black powder, which produces a lot of smoke and is mostly utilized in ancient weapons.

What is the function of smokeless reloading powder in ammunition?

When the firing pin strikes the primer, it ignites the smokeless powder. This ignition produces gas, which propels the bullet out of the barrel of the rifle with regulated and steady pressure.

What are the benefits of smokeless reloading powder?

When opposed to black powder, smokeless powder has various benefits, including cleaner burning, greater energy, fewer fouling, and better accuracy.

What aspects should I take into account while choosing smokeless reloading powder?

Choosing the best smokeless reloading powder requires taking into account the cartridge type, bullet weight, desired velocity, and weapon characteristics. For accurate load data, consult reputable reloading guides.

Is there a variety of smokeless reloading powder kinds or formulations?

Yes, smokeless reloading powders are available in a variety of compositions, each tailored to certain calibers and applications. Some powders are designed specifically for reloading rifle, pistol, and shotgun cartridges.

Can I blend various smokeless reloading powder brands or kinds in my loads?

It is not suggested to mix various brands or kinds of smokeless powders. When powder is mixed, it becomes wholly untested and has no reloading data, resulting in unexpected and dangerous effects. Never mix reloading powder, only use a single kind and brand per load formula.

How should I securely store smokeless reloading powder?

Smokeless reloading powder should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated environment away from heat sources and open fires. Keep it away from children and in its original container with the label intact.